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Tips For Improving Your Bathroom

Tips For Improving Your Bathroom

Out of all the rooms in the house the bathroom is possibly the first room that will be remodeled or changed when occupying a home.  The bathroom is a private place where we go to think, handle Mother Nature and care for our hygiene.  With so much time spent in this room and the limited functions needed, focusing on a visual appealing design may be the way to go. 

When doing a design, you want to focus on the layout and functionality first.  Once the basic functions are installed and incorporated, then you can focus on the visual design of the room.  One thing that many will need to consider first, especially if sharing a bathroom, are the bathroom vanities Brookfield WI.

The vanity is where we will spend a good portion of our time as well as store the majority of our personal hygiene items.  The vanity consists of a sink, counter and even a medicine cabinet in some fancier designs. 


What size would you need for your vanity?  If you are a single person or if there isn’t that much traffic in the morning to use the bathroom then a single smaller vanity may be the way to go.  For a larger family or a couple, perhaps a double sink for the vanity with their own sides would be best.


bathroom vanities Brookfield WI

There are two types of mirrors most common in a vanity.  One is a single wall mirror and then you have the one attached to a medicine cabinet.  When looking into the mirror you want to have a clean clear image.  Some mirrors may be magnifying where others are lighted.  Finding the perfect mirror for makeup and other tasks could be a chore.


You want to have enough light to be able to see everything.  A dark bathroom can be dangerous and be hard to do some tasks.  Focus on the components that you will use the most and create the best bathroom experience you can.