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When Denture Repairs Not Feasible

When Denture Repairs Not Feasible

Denture repairs are a necessary practice and it’s a good thing that it’s readily available. Also note that denture repair pleasant prairie work gets done a lot quicker these days. That’s not to suggest that dental technologists are doing ‘rush jobs’ (and hash jobs), it’s just that dental medicine, its principles and practices, techniques and technologies, and tools, as well as its associated materials (and medications where applicable) have come along in leaps and bounds over the years.

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If things are being rushed at this point in time, it’s just a matter of ensuring that the distressed patient is not without her dentures for longer than is necessary. But the onus will be on the patient to contact the dentist’s rooms as early as possible to arrange for the denture repairs to be done. Next door is a dental laboratory to which the dentures will be sent. And by the time the rooms are ready to close for the day, the patient should already have her repaired dentures fitted.

It is a good idea that she sees the dentist before she goes. Let’s just make sure that everything is fitting her perfectly. She’s not feeling uncomfortable and there’s been no serious decay or infection as a result of the dentures breaking. Because that’s how quickly it takes harmful bacteria to react. Let’s just say that if they see a gap, they’ll take it. But by nightfall, if that gap has been filled by the repaired denture, and the patient has brushed and flossed her teeth, it’s no way, Jose for bacteria.

If dentures are not required at this time, realignment work and teeth and gum cleaning could be done. And while teeth cleaning is now standard, there’s no reason why the dentures can’t be cleaned as well.